Damien Pegoraro

Detecting Jailbreak / root with Adobe AIR

Here’s a lightweight AIR tool that tells you if an iDevice is jailbroken or if an Android device is rooted: This is not an ANE, there’s no…

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QuickTip: translate icon name

Here’s how to translate an app name if you’re building it with Adobe Air: In your application.xml , instead of: Cheese Cake write: Cheese Cake Omelette du fromage…

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Void Control Released

Hi my fellow thousands of imaginary readers! You thought this blog was dead but NOPE! I’m going to write something RIGHT NOW! My first not-made-for-my-company game is out….

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Add Google Play public key to a self generated p12

Ok here’s the point: Flash Develop is now really a great tool for producing air mobile apps. With a few batch files, the workflow is quite easy to…

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