Damien Pegoraro

How to hack a Genesis/Megadrive game

Part 1 – Tools & Goals Watching a live stream on the Genesis port of Rampart, I saw how hard and RNG related this game can be. the…

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How to hack a Genesis/Megadrive game 2

Part 2 – Memory Searching This post follows part 1, where we defined our goal hacking Rampart on Genesis. We want to change to change the time available…

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Void Control Released

Hi my fellow thousands of imaginary readers! You thought this blog was dead but NOPE! I’m going to write something RIGHT NOW! My first not-made-for-my-company game is out….

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Happy New Year to all the people reading this blog! ( Yes mom and dad, i’m talking to you) During the lasts weeks, I’ve worked on a new…

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