Damien Pegoraro

Scaleform, Unity3D & FlashDevelop

If you’ve ever tried building GUI with Unity3D, you may know how painful it can be. Made by Autodesk, Scaleform gives you the ability to add a Flash…

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Detecting Jailbreak / root with Adobe AIR

Here’s a lightweight AIR tool that tells you if an iDevice is jailbroken or if an Android device is rooted: This is not an ANE, there’s no…

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Void Control Released

Hi my fellow thousands of imaginary readers! You thought this blog was dead but NOPE! I’m going to write something RIGHT NOW! My first not-made-for-my-company game is out….

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Old school Text FX in AGAL

As I’m not really used to do stuff with Starling filter’s and more generally with AGAL, here’s my first real contact with the strange world of shaders. I…

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Add Google Play public key to a self generated p12

Ok here’s the point: Flash Develop is now really a great tool for producing air mobile apps. With a few batch files, the workflow is quite easy to…

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